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With over 5 years experience working with the legal industry and 19 years promoting websites Law SEO is dedicated to ensuring your legal services firm grows from your online promotional efforts. Why not arrange a call with us today to discuss how our legal marketing services can help you?

Certifications and Partner Statuses

Search Engine Marketing

Getting rankings in the search engines is an amazing way to grow your practice. Our team have ranked thousands of pages for highly competitive terms in extremely competitive markets for our clients.

Website Design

There are hundreds of important factors when it comes to your website. If you don't impress within seven seconds of your visitor finding you they leave your site never to be seen again. Does your site make a good fast impression?

Paid Search Advertising

As Google Partners we are experts in making sure that your company can be found and your conversion rate is high by placing your ads in the right place for the right key phrases. Much higher conversions than conventional advertising.

Are you in need of professional website help?

The days of companies knowing that they need a website but they don't know what they want it to do are far behind us. At Law SEO we pride ourselves working on solicitors SEO in being highly professional and very much results driven to get you the best possible outcome from the visitors that arrive at your website. Our professional and extremely knowledgeable team have years of experience helping companies in all professional areas, growing, maintaining and modernising their websites and online strategies. Why not drop us a line today and see how we can help you grow your business.



We are firm believers in making sure that you get a return on investment. We work with you rather than for you to ensure that your practice or firm make not only a financial return on your investment but a long term benefit from a boost in your online reputation scores.

Everything we do is white hat and as our client all information passed to us remains confidential, including yourselves as our client if you wish to do so.

Why Us?


We have over 5 years experience working with legal firms on solicitors SEO and gaining them rankings while maintaining a strict policy of keeping within the legalities of what can and can not be published.

We pride ourselves in our excellence and our attention to detail ensuring that your campaign is run with focus and organisational perfection.


The team at Law SEO have always ensured that our website is kept up to date with the latest updates and helped us gain excellent local rankings. These have helped our practice grow by over 150% in the past 3 years mainly due to the online traffic we generate. 

Law SEO take the hassle out of being online. 

The online world is a confusing and challenging place to be unless you have the right support or know what you are doing. The right support that know what they are doing is the perfect solution for us and Law SEO give us exactly that.

"You can't rest on your #1 ranking, because the guy at #2 isn't resting. He's improving his site.”

― Ryan Jones/span>


We don't like to brag about our clients, but we feel really proud of what we have managed in a short amount of time. We love to get to know you and your business, and our clients seem to like it!


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Websites Designed


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