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google ratings

Why Google Ratings Are Important To Your Law Firm’s SEO

The legal market has grown increasingly competitive, and lawyers who resist the trend of digital marketing and search engine optimisation risk being left behind. Despite the importance of time-honoured traditions in the law, today’s law firms also need to embrace modern digital marketing techniques to stay prominent in Google ratings and in the eyes of potential…
SEO campaign

9 Traits Your Competitors Don’t Want To See In Your Next SEO Campaign

Looking to unseat your competition in your next SEO campaign?  Competition online is brutal. You’re no longer just competing against the local law firms. You could be competing against regional, national or — in some cases — international players. Did you know that 33% of online traffic goes to the #1 listing in search results? The…

The Digital Marketing Plan That Will Get Your Law Firm More Clients

Reputation and word of mouth still speak volumes, not to mention a stellar trial record. However, law firms still need to remain competitive in their advertising. A digital marketing plan is an absolute must for advertising and finding new clients. Digital marketing strategies evolve constantly, and a law firm needs to keep up with marketing trends to draw clients.…
Defence Marketing

The 5 Secrets of Good Criminal Defence Marketing

Every time we turn around it seems like someone new is starting to practice criminal law. The profession is extraordinarily competitive.  In an ever growing industry, it is those who have a great criminal defence marketing plan that continues to grow and grow. If you don’t have a great marketing plan for your company, you…
Importance of Blogging

The Importance of Blogging for Your Law Practice

Creating content online around your legal firm is one of the easiest and simplest ways to gain leverage in the industry.  In addition to helping your businesses rank higher SEO-wise, blogging proves that you genuinely want to provide value to your potential customers in whatever way possible. This can help you establish a sense of…
local SEO checklist

The Local SEO Checklist Designed for Lawyers

SEO is no longer a one-size-fits-all industry. It’s now increasingly important to consider local SEO for your legal services. Why Do You Need a Local SEO Checklist? Google actually shows a slight bias toward small, localised businesses. This is helpful to small business owners, but it also provides something that customers want. Customers pay more attention to…
Organic Traffic

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic Immediately

Finding methods of increasing your website’s organic traffic can be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your online presence. All it takes in many cases is a little elbow grease to pump up those numbers. What exactly is organic traffic? It’s the non-paid traffic your website generates. This includes sources such as: Search…
voice search

The Impact that Voice Search Can Have On Your Legal SEO Strategy

If you’re looking for ways to edge out the competition when it comes to your legal SEO strategy, you need to make sure you’re optimising for voice search.  Optimising for voice search is a huge competition killer when it comes to SEO. Why? Well, as it turns out, we humans are lazy. Having a wealth…
law firm marketing

Why You Should Include Videos in Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

If you are searching for new ways to improve your law firm marketing, you came to the right place.

A new trend in digital marketing has emerged: video marketing.

Why video marketing, you ask? Everyone seems to be sick of exchanging their emails for an ebook that doesn’t have much information in it. You skim through 20…
How to Master SEO Writing to Create Good Content

How to Master SEO Writing to Create Amazing Content

Do you want to supercharge your SEO and grow your law practice? You need great content.  Then, your target audience needs to find it. It’s time to make your content work for you… Ready to become a master of SEO writing? We’ve put together this super quick guide with everything you need to know to start writing…
Improve Facebook Post Engagement With Organic Reach

How to Improve Your Facebook Post Engagement With Organic Reach

Are you lagging behind with your Facebook post engagement? Are the results you seek just not there?

Do you spend hours posting what you feel is the perfect content, only for it not to be seen?

Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. In fact, a study reveals that organic reach is sitting at only 2%…
Trust: The Important Element in Legal Content Marketing

Here’s Why Trust Is the Most Important Element in Your Legal Content Marketing Plan

When you are scouring the Internet for just the right company to work with, what is it that you’re looking for?

Success is most likely a key factor. The level of satisfaction other customers have had working with the company is probably another. 

I would also guess at honesty because you don’t want to work with…
SEO for Lawyers

SEO for Lawyers: 5 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

You have the basics covered. Your website is mobile friendly and when users visit they have the same great functionality they would find on a desktop. Setting up your website and optimizing for mobile users is a bit like opening an office on the avenue, unlocking the door, and hanging an “open” sign in the window.…
law firm marketing plan

How to Use Social Media in Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

If you’re not yet using social media in your law firm marketing plan, you’re missing out. This is one of the best ways to enhance brand recognition while connecting with current and potential clients. Clients are now researching and interacting with law firms online. If you don’t have a social media presence, you will probably…
Local SEO Tools

5 Local SEO Tools to Increase Your Law Firms Rankings

Is your law firm struggling to gather clients? Do you have an Internet presence, but you just can’t figure out how to capitalise on it? Maybe you’ve done everything right, but you can’t see that one thing that just isn’t correct. Local SEO tools are a great way to blow away some dust and help…
law firm SEO

The 4 Best Law Firm SEO Strategies To Improve Rankings

Every company wants their website wants to rank well. That’s how customers can find you on a search engine like Google. If you rank highly, you’ll be on the first page of results. If you don’t, you’ll be on the second or third or even fourth page. Who has time to go through that many…
Marketing Trends

5 Useful Legal Digital Marketing Trends to Improve Your Online Presence

More than 38 percent of people seeking legal help begin their search on the internet. If you aren’t putting time and effort into your web presence, you’re missing out. To be competitive, you need a strong online presence that is constantly updated to match leading marketing trends. Your website should be approachable to clients, as…
How to Create the Perfect Law Firm Social Media Plan

How to Create the Perfect Law Firm Social Media Marketing Plan

Are you new to law firm social media techniques? We can help you get started. In this post, we will review the basics of creating content on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You’ll learn how to set the tone for your messaging and how often to post on these channels. B2B vs. B2C Strategies Marketing efforts for attorneys…
Google 18 Today

Google Turns 18 Years Old

When you look at the historical events of the 27th of September through the years, there isn’t much that leaps out. In fact apart from Zsa Zsa Gabor creating a scene during her court appearance for slapping a policeman not much has happened. Oh apart from the creation of a little company that has pretty…
Are You Taking Advantage of Near Me

Are You Taking Advantage of Near Me?

If you know anything about technology you will know that these phones that you carry around in your pocket and the technology on them has come on a long way in the past few years. If you remember “Quantum Leap” and “Ziggy” the handheld computer that Al the Hologram carried with him, then you know…
Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

With smartphones and tablets outselling desktop computers and laptops 10 to 1 and mobile search now being a higher volume than desktop search, it is more important than ever to have a mobile friendly version of your website. In this article we are going to look at ways you can get your website mobile responsive…
Seven Seconds To Make An Impression

Seven Seconds To Make An Impression

You know when you first meet someone if you like them or not? And it all happens pretty quick, as they always say, first impressions last. Well the same goes for your website, when someone arrives at your site you have seven seconds to make an impression no matter if it be good or bad.…

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