Google Turns 18 Years Old

Google 18 TodayWhen you look at the historical events of the 27th of September through the years, there isn’t much that leaps out. In fact apart from Zsa Zsa Gabor creating a scene during her court appearance for slapping a policeman not much has happened. Oh apart from the creation of a little company that has pretty much changed the way we do things in everyday life.

The fact that Google today can legally take a drink in the UK is simply absurd. I asked my 10 year old daughter to perform 4 tasks for me earlier today. The tasks were all random and I left a newspaper with the answers in along with an ipad. It was no shock to see her head straight for the ipad every time and Google the results.

After she had finished questioning me about the bizarre experiments that I now have her participating in, she asked why I had asked her to do this particular task. I explained to her that it was Google’s 18th birthday and that 18 years ago there was no such thing and she would have used the newspaper. At this point I could see the total confusion in her eyes along with the horror that she would have had to get her hands dirty to find the information I had asked her.

This is not an unusual reaction. For years now “to Google” has been classed as a verb! No mean feat for a brand to be able to do this and in many ways changed every day life for so many.

There is however some confusion to the ACTUAL date of the festivities for Google’s birthday.  The Company say it is now the 27th of September, however the incorporation of Google was the 4th of September 1998 (can you remember where you were?). For the past 10 years they have celebrated the 27th of September. Knowing the company quite well and as Partners I am guessing that there is some strange but logical calculation that has been carried out in order to get to the 27th. I’m also sure that it isn’t set in stone that this will be the final day that they celebrate their “birthday” but for now in 2016 I would like to wish the big G a very happy birthday.

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