The Local SEO Checklist Designed for Lawyers

local SEO checklistSEO is no longer a one-size-fits-all industry. It’s now increasingly important to consider local SEO for your legal services.

Why Do You Need a Local SEO Checklist?

Google actually shows a slight bias toward small, localised businesses. This is helpful to small business owners, but it also provides something that customers want.

Customers pay more attention to services that are nearby. It’s logical and convenient for them to consider location when shopping for anything. Legal services in another city or state aren’t nearly as helpful as those that are close by

This simple local SEO checklist gives you the tools you need to get started on making your SEO more effective. You don’t need in-depth SEO knowledge, we’ve made these tips beginner-friendly and easy to implement right away.

  1. Make Your Content Local

Every business has a story, and that story has a location. Use location names or keywords in blog posts and news updates about your business.

Mention local events that are relevant to the legal industry when possible. 

  1. Get Local Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are a great way to promote your services. Customers tend to seek out reviews to decide who gets their business.

Send press releases about your legal services to local news outlets. Encourage customers to leave reviews on your social media sites. Consider having a page for testimonials on your website, where you publish the best and most detailed reviews.

Build relationships with your customers and your community, and the reviews and news pieces will come easily. 

  1. Use Google My Business

Make sure your hours and contact information pop up for any customer that Googles your business. To do this, Google your company, claim and verify it with Google, and then add all the necessary details. 

Polish it off with photos and adding your location on the map. Now, when customers Google you, they will see all this information on the right side of the screen. This makes it easier for them to find and hire you.

  1. Optimise Your Site for Mobile

Most customers are likely looking you up on their phones or tablets, not their computers. In 2015, almost 60 percent of U.S. residents were using smartphones, and that number will only continue to grow as smartphones become more affordable and convenient.

Make sure your site is clean and attractive on mobile. Is it easy to navigate? Are your hours and location clearly visible? Customers should be able to contact you easily through your site, no matter what device they use.

  1. Hire a Local SEO Service to Help You

It’s hard to optimise local SEO on your own while also doing your everyday work.

Check out services that can help you get your site noticed.

It will be well worth the money spent: SEO-building pays for itself as you gain new site traffic and new customers.

  1. Put Your Business in Local listings

In this age of technology, it’s still good to make sure you can be found in the local phonebook.

You should also be on well-known sites and search engines like Yelp and Yahoo. Find legal associations on the local and state level and see which ones you can become affiliated with.

Make sure all the information you provide is accurate and consistent. Your company name, address, and phone number should be available through as many sources as possible.


In any industry where you’re meeting clients in person, location is everything. The location has increased in importance in the SEO world in recent years. The need for local SEO will only continue to grow, as customers look for ways to narrow down options. Being local helps customers with their search. 

Make sure your legal marketing is optimised for a local audience. With this easy local SEO checklist, you’ll really put your business on the map.

If you need help getting local SEO for your law firm up and running, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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