5 Local SEO Tools to Increase Your Law Firms Rankings

Local SEO Tools

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Is your law firm struggling to gather clients? Do you have an Internet presence, but you just can’t figure out how to capitalise on it? Maybe you’ve done everything right, but you can’t see that one thing that just isn’t correct. Local SEO tools are a great way to blow away some dust and help you spruce things up.

Most SEO can be handled by a human, whether it’s you or if you’ve employed a professional to help your website make the grade.

However, automated processes can help you figure out what’s wrong with your current SEO tactic. Once you have that information, you can bring yourself up to speed.

Use Local SEO Tools to Boost Your Rankings

URL Structure

The first of our local SEO tools isn’t so much a tool, but something that you can happily take care of yourself.

Go to your website. Now, pick a page, any page. Look up toward the address bar. How is the URL formatted? In English, what does the web address look like to you?

You should know right away whether it’s a messy web address or a clean one. If it’s littered with numbers and letters, to the point where you can’t pick out any real words after a certain backslash, your URLs may need some cleaning up.

If your website is hosted via WordPress or other hosts, there may be an option which allows you to clean up URLs. You want to structure your URLs with keywords as much as possible, as this will lead to higher rankings.

Plagiarism Checker

The best thing you can do for your site, whether you’re using it personally or as one of our local SEO tools, is to check your website for plagiarism.

In a perfect world, it would come out unscathed (unless you’re the plagiarist in this scenario, which would be a fun twist, but we really hope it isn’t the case). However, websites are plagiarised regularly. There’s a tonne of websites out there: who would notice if someone just nicked some of that original content for themselves?

The answer is, plagiarism checkers know.

If your website isn’t ranking highly or at all, it could be due to content that’s been duplicated somewhere else on the web. Google looks for authoritative sources to display results for, so if your content is duplicated, that’s a strike against you both.

Run your site through a plagiarism checker and change your content as needed to ensure that your website ranks – and stays that way.

Google Places

As one of our local SEO tools, this is invaluable.

Once upon a time, a report was released that your category on Google+ Local was a heavy-hitter when it came to deciding what your local ranking would be. Such a heavy-hitter, in fact, that it could sway your results more than anything else.

Naturally, if that’s the case, it’s important that your law firm is categorised correctly. If it isn’t, that could lead to your law firm not showing up in results when potential clients search for law firms in the area.

If they’re not finding your site, you’re not getting their traffic, which could be the downfall of your business.

However, this is a handy tool to help boost your ratings. It works very simply: you type in some key facts regarding your law firm.

Afterwards, the tool will generate you a list of pre-set categories from the categories that Google already has. Following that, you can actively choose which one (or ones! Plural!) suit your business the best, and you can implement those into your Google+ Local pages.

This tool is fantastic because it removes any guesswork from the situation. You don’t have to navigate a clunky app in order to boost your ratings. You type in some facts, and that’s half the battle.


This is a search engine, but not quite like the type you’re thinking. GetListed.org works by telling you exactly where you place in various different search engines – Google included.

However, that’s not the key to this program. The key is the fact that it tells you which search engines you aren’t listed on. This gives you the rare chance to improve your SEO (which you should already be doing) to capitalise on that particular engine’s guidelines.

It can also let you know which areas of website-building that you possibly looked over. SEO is constantly evolving, so your website should be evolving to match it. Remember: it’s never too late to implement things that you find are missing.

Additionally, GetListed.org allows you to see different reviews, sourced from different websites. This lets you see how you rank with clients across the board, not just one focused group on a particular website.

GetListed.org can also walk you through everything you need to do to improve your ranking and status. It also can give you a checklist of things you need to take care of, to make things easier on you.

Local AdWord Generator

Sometimes, the hardest part of optimising your site for search engines is figuring out the keywords. Wouldn’t it be great if you could, say, type in your local area and receive a list of potentially relevant keywords? Then you could cherry-pick which ones best suited your law firm.

We’ve got news for you: that’s exactly what a local AdWord generator can do. It’s just as easy as previously described: you type in your zip code, the radius which you’re willing to service, and you can input some information regarding your law firm.

You submit it, and you’ll receive a veritable database of keywords and topic phrases to use in your content. This is an awesome way to give your SEO a boost.


Local SEO tools may seem like cheating in some respects, but they’re a fantastic way to help your website get ahead. In today’s business climate, whether you run a law firm or another business, you can’t afford to get left behind regarding rankings.

SEO tools can help you generate keywords, and can even walk you through things your website doesn’t quite have yet. In short, they can be the miracle you’re waiting for.

If you’re looking for more information regarding law firm SEO, feel free to contact us!

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