5 Useful Legal Digital Marketing Trends to Improve Your Online Presence

Marketing TrendsMore than 38 percent of people seeking legal help begin their search on the internet. If you aren’t putting time and effort into your web presence, you’re missing out. To be competitive, you need a strong online presence that is constantly updated to match leading marketing trends.

Your website should be approachable to clients, as well as easy to navigate. If it isn’t, potential clients who land on your site are likely to continue looking elsewhere for legal help.

If you’re ready to improve your web presence, check out these five marketing trends for 2017.

1. Outsource Your Social Media

With more than 2 billion people using social media around the world, it’s no secret that it’s a great way to connect with potential clients.

But creating professional profiles and posting to them is time-consuming, and as a busy lawyer, you may not have this time.

Instead, one of the biggest marketing trends for 2017 is outsourcing social media.

With the help of a social media professional, you can ensure your social media content is helping you reach clients. They’ll also be able to integrate a standard style across all social media platforms.

2. Utilise Video Content

If you’ve scrolled through Facebook recently, you know that video has become the norm when it comes to getting a message across.

Choosing to integrate video content on your website and social media is a great way to attract clients. It also gets your message across to them in an informative and entertaining way.

3. Step Up Your Content Quality

An effective web presence requires plenty of content. But not just any content will do.

To ensure that your site is ranking well for SEO and your clients are getting the info they’re looking for, make sure that your legal content is high-quality.

This may mean outsourcing your content production to ensure quality as well as quantity.

4. Add Mobile Advertising

Many firms know how important it is to optimise websites for mobile use.

But few realise the potential of mobile advertising.

More and more people are choosing to scroll the internet from their phone rather than from a computer. So utilising mobile advertising can help you reach far more potential clients.

5. Be Willing to Change

The best change that you can make in 2017 for a better online presence is to choose to stay up to date on marketing trends.

Trends are constantly changing. Facebook used to be the only major social media platform that businesses needed to be on. Now, Instagram and Twitter are both big contenders.

Staying up to date on online trends will help to ensure that your online presence stays competitive. That way you’ll continue to offer your clients exactly what they’re looking for.

How Can You Implement These Marketing Trends?

With marketing trends coming and going so quickly, and many requiring a higher level of tech knowledge, it simply might not be practical to do it all yourself.

With the help of a company specialising in SEO, web design, and advertising, you can take your online presence to the next level.

They’ll be able to help you implement the above marketing trends and more.

If you’re ready to see how a professional SEO service can improve your online presence, contact LawSEO today.

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