How to Master SEO Writing to Create Amazing Content

How to Master SEO Writing to Create Good ContentDo you want to supercharge your SEO and grow your law practice?

You need great content. 

Then, your target audience needs to find it.

It's time to make your content work for you...

Ready to become a master of SEO writing? We've put together this super quick guide with everything you need to know to start writing great content that performs online.

Start with a bang

A great headline can be the difference between your post going viral and becoming a part of the great unread. 

Did you read our latest blog 'Seven Seconds to Make an Impression'? Here we showed you how to dazzle at first click with your company website.

The same goes for your content title. You want to grab attention and then make sure it’s the right kind.

Like all things SEO, there's no set formula for creating that magic title. But here are our 3 top tips:

  • It's a numbers game. Example: '11 Ways to Supercharge Fat Burning << I would change this topic to something not related to weight/appearance.' Search your title and if it's been done before, use a different number for your list. Odd numbers have been shown to perform best.
  • Be negative. '5 Mistakes That Are Destroying Your SEO'. Be careful with this one though, people don't like TOO many negatives. These titles will not only ignite your audience's curiosity but add a sense of urgency to - everyone wants to check they aren't making the same mistakes!
  • Have the answers. It's tried and tested, and it works. Think of your title as answering a search query. Long-from queries are given priority by Google RankBrain due to the rise of voice command driven searches.

Know your enemy: How to get Google RankBrain on your side

Google's algorithms are constantly evolving to favour the organic, informative type of content that users want to find. 

Google's latest intelligent bot learns its user's' desired results and gives it to them. It does this by identifying high-quality content and placing it higher up the search engine rankings. 

Its primary purpose is to weed out spam like uses of unnatural links and keyword stuffing. It favours informative, well-researched content which is a good thing for those of us who work hard to produce great content for our sites.

To take advantage of RankBrain make these things the focus of your SEO writing:

  1. Prioritise unique content. This will engage your audience and subsequently attract the attention of Google's bots, resulting in higher search rankings. It's equally important to make sure your content is picked up by the bots as it is inherently valuable to human users.
  2. Do not duplicate. Utilise apps like Copyscape to see how your content measures up. Lazy, re-hashes of existing content will score high in these apps and will perform poorly in Google's search results.
  3. Tell me something I don't know! Informative content is more likely to be shared. People are intrigued by the unknown and social media users will get a kick out of surprising their followers with fresh, new facts.
  4. Use long form keywords. In 2016, over 50% of online content was accessed on mobile devices, overtaking the humble desktop for the first time. Voice command features are becoming increasingly popular with mobile and tablet users, and using long-form keywords and phrases will ensure your content is picked up by long-form question voice searches. 

Keyword research and optimisation

A keyword is a word or phrase that potential leads will enter into a search engine.

Keywords used to be single words, but these are quickly becoming passé.

Long form phrases are the new must-haves if you want your SEO writing to perform effectively. 

This is due to the rise of voice searching. People are using their smartphones' voice recognition technology in place of typing a few keywords into a search engine. Because of this, Google is evolving to optimise its results in response to long-form questions.

For example, short keyword searches like 'Best man speeches' are being replaced with longer questions like 'How do I write a great best man's speech?' 

Long formers are now given priority in search engine rankings, so it's vital to include these types of keywords in your SEO writing if you want to come out on top. 

Use Google's Keyword Planner

Use Google's AdWord Keyword Planner to identify what keywords you should be using in your SEO writing for the best ranking in search results. You can use it to find out which keywords are performing best in your field and get useful stats from historical rankings.

Don't take the results at face value though, the most popular keywords don’t always secure the best results. Choose a slightly lower ranking phrase where you have less competition. Your key phrase might have less organic searches, but you've got a better chance of popping up on page 1 of the results when somebody does search for it. 

Ready to see your content go viral with exceptional SEO writing?

So you're on your way to SEO writing mastery, but there’s a lot more to learn and it’s constantly changing.  Get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can help you grow your business using the latest and most effective SEO methods. And find out more about our professional Legal Copywriting Services to get your website working for you.

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