Seven Seconds To Make An Impression

Seven Seconds To Make An ImpressionYou know when you first meet someone if you like them or not? And it all happens pretty quick, as they always say, first impressions last. Well the same goes for your website, when someone arrives at your site you have seven seconds to make an impression no matter if it be good or bad.

When You Make An Impression The Wrong Way

When someone leaves your website without having a look around this increases what is known as your ‘Bounce’ rate. This is exactly what it says, the user literally bounces straight off your site either back where they came from or just onto another site as quick as they arrived. How can you stop this? Well there are a number of things that can turn a visitor into a bouncer, here are just a few things in no particular order that make an impression in the wrong way:

  1. Music this one is a personal pet hate as well. There is nothing worse than arriving on a website that you think is for something amazing only to have Green sleeves belting out at you through your computer. It’s not big, it’s not clever just please don’t add music to play on your website.
  2. Slow Load Times, can not only cause your site not to rank very well in the search engines but it also has a knock on effect to your visitors as well. People don’t like to wait. Make sure you test your website load times on all devices as well as making sure it loads on a mobile network nice and quick. If you are not sure about this one then speak to your web developer and your hosting they will be able to help you.
  3. Cobwebs, OK so not the physical sort but those that are obvious to see. For example if you have your “Latest Articles” from your blog visible and the last time you updated it was 2014 then chances are visitors will just see it as you don’t update so you aren’t going to provide them with value. Make sure your content is fresh and current.
  4. Flash, No not the superhero that took on Ming the Merciless but the dreaded software that makes things move. Not all browsers support it so when you load up on, for example, an iPad they don’t support it so your site doesn’t load and you lose a visitor and potential client.
  5. 1980’s Neon, I don’t have it in for the 80’s I am a big fan of the 80’s but poor colour choices have no place on websites. If you were working or having a good time relaxing and someone blasted, you in the eyes with a bright yellow torch, chances are you wouldn’t be best pleased? Well that is what happens when poorly coloured websites appear on a screen to a user that isn’t ready for it.

So What Can You Do?

These are just a few of the examples of bad web design and management that can have an effect on your seven seconds to make an impression. To make sure you don’t get stuck in a bad design think about:

  1. Good colour choices that don’t make people’s eyes bleed.
  2. Quality up to date information that will wow your customers about the latest news and events (as well as good quality information).
  3. Go with a WordPress website that is easy to manage and works on every platform out there (an estimated 60% of websites are WordPress).
  4. Make sure you have good hosting to get a good fast load time and keep your images small in file size.
  5. Always get an outsiders point of view on your new website to get an honest opinion.
  6. Make it easy to navigate, don’t go linking to anyone or anything that doesn’t offer good solid value to your clients.

Follow some of these simple tips and you will be able to grow your business using your website without damaging your users and your first impressions, well let’s just say that they will be much better than before. So what are you waiting for, haven’t you got a website to update to make sure you make an impression?

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