How to Use Social Media in Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

law firm marketing planIf you’re not yet using social media in your law firm marketing plan, you’re missing out.

This is one of the best ways to enhance brand recognition while connecting with current and potential clients.

Clients are now researching and interacting with law firms online.

If you don’t have a social media presence, you will probably find it hard to attract a high number of clients.

Using Social Media in Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

When potential clients decide they need an attorney, the first thing they’ll generally do is search with Google.

Once they’ve found a few firms that look competent, they’ll then look for more information to settle on the most suitable one.

This is the stage where law firms need a strong social media presence. When your firm is easily accessible online, clients can get a sense of what your firm is like. This helps you build connections with these clients and encourage them to get in touch.

Are you resistant to the idea of implementing social media as part of your law firm marketing plan? Remember, it was only a few years ago that most law firms considered a website frivolous.

Nowadays, if you don’t at least have a website, you’re unlikely to have many clients.

Soon, the same will likely be said about social media.

Implementing Social Media

99% of Brits between the ages of 16 and 24 use social media every week, followed by 84% of people between 25 and 34, and 77% of those aged between 35 and 44.

So the first step for your law firm is to gain a presence on social media. Most attorneys won’t have time to be active on every form of social media and instead should focus intently on a few channels.

As part of your law firm marketing plan, you’ll need to discover where your potential clients are hanging out.

If your law firm is primarily B2C, you should definitely be active on Facebook and Twitter. B2B firms will also find that Twitter is helpful with connecting with other businesses, but are likely to find LinkedIn to be the most useful.

Here are some ways you can use social media:


When it comes to professional marketing, LinkedIn takes the cake. Law firms use Linked in for communicating their firm’s reputation and brand. It’s also excellent for recruiting new talent.

Use it to create shareable blog posts, host LinkedIn groups, and communicate your firm’s thought leadership.


Twitter is an excellent way for you to cultivate relationships and extend your business networks. Curated news and comments can be easily retweeted, and you can also use Twitter campaigns to draw more traffic to your website.


Facebook is a good way to showcase what it’s like to work at your firm. You can also use it to demonstrate your commitment to charitable organisations and local causes. It’s also one of the best ways to get your firm in front of potential leads.

Need some help getting your law firm found online? Get in touch today to learn how we can help you with your online marketing.

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